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The most Googled Travel Destinations of 2023:

Greece & Rhodes made it to the top 

Η Ελλάδα και η Ρόδος στην κορυφή των αναζητήσεων Google για το 2023

Every year, Google publishes its ‘Year in Search’ data, a report showing what users have Googled over the past 12 months.  The famous travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler got an exclusive look at the travel section of the data – the destinations the world that have been Googled the most in 2023.

The data has been contextualised to take into account current events. The magazine presents the top 10 countries and top 10 cities/islands that have seen the biggest search increases on Google year on year, and call its readers for inspiration for your 2024 travels. In 2023, both Greece as a country, and Rhodes as an individual destination (island), made it to the top of the two lists, despite the problems that both encountered during the holiday season, something clearly mentioned ny the prestigious Magazine, while Greek  cluster of Aegean Islands known as the Cyclades, is second of the 24 roundup of the best places to go in 2024, carefully curated by the editors from around the globe.

A. top 10 of most Googled travel Countries

1. Greece
Greece has topped the list of the most Googled countries to travel to in 2023. From the whitewashed island of Mykonos with its sugar cube buildings and iconic addresses to the jungle vibes of Kefalonia, known for its hiking trails and rustic villages, Greece is the destination that keeps on giving. Start in Athens/Attica, home to some of the world’s best bars, to get a taste of the country’s culinary masterwork (see our guide to the best restaurants in Athens). Then head to your Greek island among 29 choices – will it be sunsets from the Santorini crater? Crowd-free beaches in Corfu? Late-summer sunshine in Crete? Whatever you choose, Greece is bound to impress, time after time”.

Here is the rest of the list:
2.  Spain
3.  Italy
4. Portugal
5.  Croatia
6. Cyprus
7.  Thailand
8. Egypt
9.  Malta
10. Morocco


A. top 10 of most Googled travel cities & islands
The list is composed of 8 cities and ony 2 islands. Rhodes is in place No. 1:

1. Rhodes
“Of all the islands in Greece to visit, this one is pretty special. After the tragic wildfires that purged the island earlier this year, stripping it of 15% of its land, Rhodes is slowly building itself back up. Visit the old town, where a maze of alleys weave around Byzantine churches standing strong alongside Roman ruins and generations-old restaurants. By the coast, dramatic cliffs give epic views of powdery golden beaches spilling out into the Mediterranean, while inland alpine forests are perfect for early morning hikes that lead to crumbling hilltop castles and ancient ruins. The island has yet to fully recover, but the interest from travellers eager to support Rhodes is testament to the island’s beauty.”

The rest of the cities or islands that made it to top-10 are:
2. Orlando
3. Tel Aviv
4.  Seville
5.  Marrakech
6.  La Rochelle
7. Sicily
8. Delhi
9. Cork
10. Amsterdam