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Ioannina & Epirus:
top hotel service & gastronomy options

Travelers Award Epirus Hotels Highest Satisfaction Score

The Region of Epirus received the highest overall hotel satisfaction scores in November 2023 for mainland Greece, according to the data released by INSETE, the Greek Tourism Confederation’s (SETE) research body.
Travelers gave Epirus an overall score of 91%, equal to the year average of the Region,  which is the highest figure among the score of all 13 regions. Next in terms of overall hotel satisfaction according to ReviewPro data assessed by INSETE, were Western Macedonia with a score of 90%, the Peloponnese with 89%.

In terms of room quality, Epirus came in 1st with a score of 95%, followed by Western Macedonia and the Peloponnese in 2nd place with 87%, and Attica 3rd (86%). Epirus also garnered the highest score for service at 97%, followed again by Western Greece (96%), and Western Macedonia (95%).

** photo and text by GTP, where you can find more info: GTP – Travelers Award Epirus Hotels Highest Satisfaction Score 
You can also read the full report (in Greek)

Ioannina: Local Products & Gastronomy

The regional unit of Ioannina has a rich culinary tradition, based on the use of pure products. Meats cooked in a special way, delicious pies, sourdough breadfrog legs, game, but also famous cheeses, traditional sweets such as baklava, lots of wine and tsipouro, make up a tasty menu that combines tradition with charm.

The area is particularly well-known for its pies; the famous “Ioannina pies” have created a legend around their name: mushroom pies, potato pies, grass pies (with weeds) and more. The traditional list is long, much larger is the audience that looks for them on their visits to Ioannina and mountainous Epirus.

Tradition is carried through the various forms of pasta, made of pure grain, milk, butter and eggs, without any other materials, with predominant trahanas, tart or sweet: cooked with tomato and cheese, with mushrooms, sausage, or goat meat, it is also served as soup etc. Greek noodles (“hylopites“) wake up memories of grandmother’s food, eaten plain with butter and cheese, or accompanied with red sauce, or complementing savory meat soups.

With fresh Greek sheep and goat milk from pure raw materials, superior diary products are offered such as fresh pasteurized milk, natural healthy yoghurt and fresh butter. But the most dynamic products in the region are fetakefalograviera, dry mizithra, smoked Metsovone cheese and galotyri. Well-known are particularly the products from Metsovo and Dodoni, such as cheeses, wines, boiled goat and sausages represent a small part of the rich taste of the region.

Read much more about the local products and the rich Gastronomy of Ioannina, on our websiteIoannina: Local products & Gastronomy

Ioannina City: places to enjoy excellent food

Ioannina is a town that is constantly changing, offering new places to go out, following trends and always alive and buzzing with activity. A stroll in the centre of Ioannina, reveals a wide network of beautiful and well-kept pedestrian streets, with nice shops. There are many great food spots in Ioannina, but here are just three top choices

To magazaki pou legame” (“The little shop we were talking about”)  is our top choice in Ioannina City. It is just a small shop in the center of the city, which hides culinary treasures, since its kitchen uses products from small producers from all over Greece and the dishes are prepared with imagination and passion, by its owner, a top chef Maria Klimi. On its menu you will find, among others, handmade country sausage on the grill with fig mustard, mutton kebab with aromatic potato cream and mushroom risotto with wild mushroom powder.


Souzi tros in Ioannina” (“Souzi, you eat” a humorous reference to an old Greek movie), it is a well-kept and elegant space next to the castle, that is described as a neo-tavern. At first, Souzi tros catches out attention due to its name, but soon, as the food arrives to the table, the flavours and the perfect preparations becomes the main focus: delicious meats, prepared to perfection, and fresh salads – and local products.


The DuSel restaurant, is Hotel Du Lac’s fine dining restaurant, with the stunning view of the Ioannina lake. A warm, welcoming, elegant space ideal to take you on a tour of Epirotic gastronomy. Du Sel’s kitchen is based on locality and seasonality. Modern touches, smart twists, contemporary cooking techniques, based on the mythical gastronomy of Epirus. The traditional trout, from the freezing Epirotic waters, is served with roasted almonds gaining intensity and depth.


** Most text material is obtained from Travel.gr10 great food spots in Ioannina” – read the full article for some more interesting food options in Ioannnina City … and some more in Greek.
*** Photos by the restaurants’ websites